Understanding the Importance of a Social Media Audit with NetbaseQuid

A social media audit can be a difficult part of understanding marketing in the 21st-century as the internet is creating a different way of approaching the way a brand is viewed in the present day. One of the biggest issues facing each brand is their inability to control the marketing content that is being produced for their company as they could before the internet entered our lives. Working with a company such as NetbaseQuid can make it a little easier for every brand to complete a social media audit correctly without missing vital information.

What is a Social Media Audit?

The first thing to understand is that a social media audit is extremely important to the marketing health of every brand. A social media audit will make it easier for a brand to keep track of the content that is being produced across a range of social media platforms. The main concern for those who are looking to keep track of the social media health of their brand is the vast amount of content being produced by consumers. Around 25 percent of all content regarding specific brands is produced by consumers with the brand itself having little to no control over the content created.

An audit is a complete list of all the official profiles that are available for the public to view. In the last few years, most brands have focused their attention on the major platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram meaning some long-forgotten profiles are being left unattended. A simple Google search will bring up a list of every social media platform that is available, including those listed on Yelp and Tumblr. These are equally as important as those seen on the major platforms by most people.

Working with NetbaseQuid

The vast array of social media platforms that are available in the 2020s from Twitch to Google Plus, and Facebook. This means an audit completed by a brand owner or member of the marketing team can have glaring holes in it, which NetbaseQuid can do as it has worked with major companies, such as Coca-Cola and Dick Clark Productions.

The Benefits of an Audit

Controlling how a brand is performing on various social media platforms is a tough part of the work that needs to be completed to achieve continued success for the future. The benefits of working with a major social media marketing company are easy to see, but even these companies will complete an audit at regular intervals. This allows there to be a comprehensive approach to bringing a change to the culture of any brand by controlling the way the brand is seen.

It is sometimes easy to see the potential for any marketing strategy on social media without assessing whether it is working. Interacting with consumers is a vital part of maintaining a powerful social media presence but this must be done correctly with interactions monitored carefully.

The big question that will be answered by completing a social media audit is why a brand is present on a specific platform? This question can be answered by many simply because the platform is the latest and most popular available. An Instagram page may not be the best platform for certain brands with a target audience not reached by the brand on every social media platform. The costs of the audit may seem too high, but these are generally offset by a more focused marketing strategy for the brand in the future.