The Worst of the Cold Front

An unexpected cold front came through and left a lot of snow. It’s a good thing that I was able to get an HVAC repair in NYC, because the week before the cold front hit, my HVAC system having some problems. Had I not gotten the repair done when I did, I would have been shivering in my home. Although I was able to enjoy the warmth of a working HVAC, there was one problem that I did have to face because of the cold front. I had to shovel all of the show out of my driveway and get it off of my car.

I used to shovel snow as a kid for money, and I hated it then, and I hate it as an adult. It doesn’t help that my driveway is so long. I covered myself in multiple layers and I could barely move when I took a step. Shoveling snow can get tiring quickly, especially since the snow can be heavy. I have no idea how I was able to even lift the shovel and the snow as a kid, because as an adult, I was having trouble, and it didn’t take long for my arms to start getting sore.

I had to take multiple breaks while shoveling the snow, and it seemed as if I would never get done. It felt like many hours had passed when I had gotten a fourth of the driveway shoveled, but it was only 20 minutes. Eventually I was able to get the driveway clear and my car cleaned off, but I didn’t want to go anywhere. I just walked back inside, turned up the heat, hopped in the shower, and then made myself a cup of hot chocolate with a lot of marshmallows and some whipped cream on top.

It Fell from the Sky

I own a business with a parking garage, and one day when I was walking to my car, which was parked in the garage, I felt something hit the top of my head. I touched it, and noticed that it was white. A bird had dropped some of its droppings on my head. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever experienced, and I hurried to clean it out of my hair. The bird that did it had been nesting at the top of the parking garage, and I needed to hire a company with bird netting services to install bird netting at the top to prevent birds from making more nests.

I was lucky that no one else saw the bird dropping hit the top of my head, or that it didn’t land anywhere else on my body. The hassle of trying to clean bird droppings from clothing would have been much more difficult than cleaning it out of skin and hair. The embarrassment that I would have faced if someone saw the bird dropping hit me would have been something that I would have never been able to shake.

I had the bird netting installed on the weekend, when no one else would be using the parking garage. I did this so it could be done discretely. Once the netting was installed, no one knew it was even there, or that the installation had been done over the weekend. No one really looks up at the top of the parking garage, so they wouldn’t notice if anything had been added there. I didn’t bother telling anyone about it, because it wasn’t necessary. Since the netting was installed, there have been no birds setting up nests in the garage, and I haven’t had any problems with birds leaving their droppings on my head.