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Where Technology shall Profit Humanity

A lot has happened in technology in the past year. This shows there is more to think of this year. Technology seems poised to be both good and not so good things our way. Here are some of the things we expect to see in the coming months.
When you think of all the damage that social media has caused, the government may feel compelled to do something about it. They will be motivated by the need to make sure no such evil continues to spread amongst its citizens.
There shall also be more focus on going out to space more often. We managed as humanity to go deeper into space than we had ever done before. Since we need to know more about this solar system; we will most likely make more such explorations.
There will be more use of solar power. We are almost at the stage where making solar panels shall be cheaper. Therefore, more and more people shall adopt the use of solar power, which is much better for the environment than any other energy source.
We will also see more efforts aimed at doing something about climate change. At the moment, our relationship with nature is at its worst. The efforts people put in this regard have not made an impact, but that will change soon.
There have also been technological advancement in the field of prosthetics, which should lead to better integration of these artificial limbs with the patients. As new ways of controlling them using brain-implanted electrodes continues, we shall soon see movement in those who had already lost hope.
We will also finally manage to minimize the time we spend in front of our smartphone screens. These gadgets have acquired more functions, which has made their appeal all the more difficult to resist for most people. But there is a new trend of hands-free technology that shall see our need to stare at the screens less and less. Technology will have achieved something positive when this becomes the reality.
There is also an emphasis on the role of DNA testing in trying to curb some of the effects genetic and hereditary diseases have on their lives. This is possible when we can detect early enough the chances of someone catching any of those diseases, and putting in place measures to make sure they do not spread and cause havoc in their lives.
There is also the realization that we can discover more areas in which science and technology can play a major role in making our lives much better than they were before. You can read more info on this site.